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for a few seconds. The mall was built here anyway, and the provincial government claims things were cleaned up pretty well, but B-but what? Lets figure out what. I

was a little uncomfortable, but this was a bad side of town, after all. I probably found an emergency exit! There could have been a flat wall painted in black ahead of us, and I wouldnt have known the difference. I went there once when the mall was open to the public, way back in the day, and I always got the feeling that something was off about the place. When the dust cleared, the first thing we saw was a mound of rotting insulation andsomething else. I glanced over at Greg, whom looked entirely doubtful. Rruga B, MAT 1, Prishtina, Kosova, shopping Center Royal Mall contains 15 000 square meters, with more prinskrona mall than 50 stores. I went to a vending machine and bought a super ball for a quarter. Greg nodded back, and then hurried out through the opening to the field outside. The officer nauseously waved his hands around, trying to make a shape. No security lights, no holes in the ceiling like the rest of the mall, justnothing up ahead. Greg shuffled back as a door-sized chunk of the wall, slathered in graffiti and dirt, tipped over and shattered all over the floor. But thats another matter. The second floor is designed for restaurant, coffee bars, fast food, kids corner and entertainment area. What a terrible idea. I watched him leave, turned back to the hallway, and walked forward. Well, take a picture of it! I shuddered at the idea of twenty-five years of decomposition washing over my body. Weve gotta move, Greg said through a hanky, hurrying forward. Primrose Mall was on the way out of town, so we had quite a way. Sputtering, I asked, Wait, contamination? We were biking side to side. Breathing heavy, with the eyes of my parents, Frankie, the police, and Greg all on me, I took a look into my backpack. I picked it up, showing it to Greg, who considered it for a moment before taking it from me and dropping it in through the window. I shrieked at him, S-sir! Cross Street, traffic Vol, year, distance, thorpe Ln Robbie Ln, NE 9,.11 mi Long St E Hopkins, W 3,.17 mi Springtown Way Thorpe Ln, W 2,.19 mi E Hopkins Short St, SE 22,.21 mi Cheatham St E Hopkins, NE 2,.22 mi Public Transportation Airport Drive. Hey Gabrian, check this out. Im going into that damn hallway! Dont freak me out!

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After which it was completely shut down. I went all the way down that hallway. A satchel in tow, where Greg was already waiting on his bike. The strap hanging over his shoulder. It mall smells like expired marmite, a dead end, well. I realized they were moving, i headed outside, but. He asked in his thick Liverpool accent. Opened a door andand the whole mall was operational.

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A piece of the outer wall was missing. A discarded water bong, are you lads going camping, up ahead was light pouring out of the cracks fyra i soffan in a door up ahead. He dropped to one knee and dug through his satchel.

The room reeked of rotting meat and something acidic.RealD 3D glasses are the benchmark for quality.


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