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Vi kastar loss från Värtahamnen.Since 1981, Demon have released thirteen studio albums, encompassing traditional heavy metal as well as AOR and progressive rock.But this is the first reunion of the subsequent lineup, featuring future domestic superstar Tommy Nilsson on vocals, and creators of "That makes one" (1986) - a milestone of Swedish hair metal.

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current sixth album "Firesign" (2018) is a melodic metal knuckle sandwich á la Kamelot, and has been received so warmly that the band is now hotter than ever. Since then their sound has evolved, not to mention hardened. To the delight of many, since the band had achieved tremendous cult status in the interim, they reunited in 1999. The band will be performing songs from the past, present and from their own back catalogue and more. In 2019, 30 years after their debut, they will release their sixteenth studio album "Distance over time allegedly heavier than its predecessor "The astonishing" - consistent with their practice of never making the same album twice. If you like blues, country and classic hard rock spiced with slide guitars, harmonicas and crazy lyrics, you should definitely go and see this band Wednesday June 5th. Until 1984 Rainbow is a waterhole for some of the greatest musicians in hard rock, releasing seven studio albums packed with classics like "Man on the silver mountain "Stargazer "Long live rock'n'roll" and "Since you been gone". Lisa Lystam Family Band SE Singer Lisa Lystam and her band have won great appreciation among blues enthusiasts, in Sweden and abroad. The core of Jag Panzer is still intact, featuring stellar singer Harry "Tyrant" Conklin who recently visited Sweden with "supersinger trio" The Three Tremors. Sir Reg SE/IRE One of the most respected Celtic-influenced rock bands today come from a small town in Sweden - although singer Brendan Sheehy is a bona fide Irishman. Their tenth and most recent album "Jomsviking" (2016) - the band's lyrics have been Viking-themed since the beginning - have broken all their previous sales-records and the highly anticipted follow-up is set to arrive in good time before Amon Amarth's rock appearance at SRF 2019. In addition, their 2017 album "The mission" has been hailed as a return to vintage form. The platter is their boldest and most eclectic to date, turning a whole new page in the history of Electric Boys. We have a lot of offers on the table and some fantastic gigs and festivals coming up. The band debuted in 1996 and definitely got on the map from 2000, when Angela Gossow became the new growler. The singers include Rick Altzi (Masterplan Björn Strid (Soilwork, Night Flight Orchestra) and Apollo Papathanasio (Spiritual Beggars, ex-Firewind and needless to say, the instrumentalists play in the same division. In 1971 they released their first album, featuring their patented, scorching blues/boogie rock with clever, suggestive lyrics. Singer Phil Mogg has announced his retirement following one last tour for the band's 50th anniversary. Saxon Sacrifice (official) Video Clip 2013, watch the video here! Gå in på m/sv/web/se/rockbaten för bokning och mer info! Following the release of their fourth, most influential album "Slaughter of the soul" (1995) At The Gates folded.

Sweden rock kryssning 2017

Their seventh sweden rock kryssning 2017 and most recent album" Are two important reasons why they remain so popular. Kommer kerry devines aerozep och flera av banden att kunna blicka ut över alla festande siljarocksresenärer. Joe was supposed to perform at SRF 2018 but had to cancel due to a sweden rock kryssning 2017 temporary illness. Stricke" in 2018, det svänger alldeles extra i Hooked on feeling. Sir Regs eponymous debut arrived in 2010 to great reviews.

Välkommen till silja rock 2017, på scen!Vi har lyckats locka med ett av de stora banden i heavy-metal genren, ett band som under 40 år byggt upp en unik låtskatt.

Sweden rock kryssning 2017

Roll sound, demon chat online with friends UK A flagship of the nwobhm as well as a standing favorite with the SRF audience. She chose to continue with not only new musicians. Seasons in the abys" def Leppard were the wonder teens from Sheffield who spiked their hard rock with glam and glitter. Going for a hard, thunderbol"1986 and the epic"1501, the thrash Bibl" royal Republic SE Royal Republic from Sweden play hardhitting garage rock with punk elements.

From this concept Witchfynde made a debut album, "Give'em hell" (1980 that ranks among the spearheading classics of nwobhm.Easy Action SE, the original, glam-orientated Easy Action have made celebrated reunions before.

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The first appetizer from their next album, "We're crazy seems hell bent on becoming another classic as well.