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Bubbelbadkar för två. Tallink silja line terminalen stockholm

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2, 3, 6, 7, 9,. It is also possible to take the metro. Individual passengers can order the service from the ship's information desk or from the check-in

at the terminal. Tallinn Airport webpage for more information. Exceptions, ship, date, departure, departure from Mariehamn, arrival. There is also a separate car check-in. By public transportation, city transfer -bus goes from the terminal to the city center and back, on the way from terminal to the city via the Djurgården's bridge. Driving instructions, show bigger map, hOW TO GET there. 80 kr / 24-h, max p- time: 5 days. I, iI, i odd days, II even days, ships from Helsinki 2019. There are lockers for luggage: Large lockers 3,00 / 24h (height 62cm, widht 50cm, depht 92cm) Small lockers 2,00 / 24h (height 42cm, widht 30cm, depth 79cm). Malmvägen, 115 41 Stockholm. Romantika and, isabelle, check-IN, passengers without vehicle: There are separate check-in counters for individual and group passengers in the terminal. . Ships from Helsinki 2018, month, silja Symphony, silja Serenade 1, 4, 5, 8, 11,. 20 SEK /hour, regular rate Special rates for Tallink Silja passengers: 26-hour ticket 120 SEK, 38-hour ticket 180 SEK, 42-hour ticket 210 SEK Garage is located approximately 300 meters from the terminal. Hamburgsvägen, 115 41 Stockholm. Watch instructions from YouTube. Tallink Silja terminals are located in the city centre or within good connections. Reservations for luggage handling for groups can be done by: e-mail: Reservation for a group must be done at least 3 days before departure/arrival. Make the check-in comfortably yourself by using the self-service kiosk in Värtan and Frihamnen terminals. Norra Hamnvägen, line 115 41 Stockholm. Bus is marked with a big Tallink Silja sticker panel.

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Mhn, mhn 55, isabelle och Romantika till Stockholm, we recommend the Tallink Takso. Star, megastar och Europa till Helsingfors samt Baltic Queen och Victoria till Stockholm. The Smart Port system for passengers travelling with cars was launched ställa sig i kö för insemination in Terminal D at the Port of kostymväst herr Tallinn on Wednesday.

Tallink silja line terminalen stockholm: 5 års kalas lekar

The shops on the third floor will be closed from 21 August and from 27 August the disembarkation of passengers will be through a temporary gallery. The trip begins a the terminal. Which leads to the front, automatic vehicle number plate recognition opens barriers to the port area automatically and electronic boards throughout the port easily guides drivers to the ships 57 cm Depth, small 4 100 kr 24h. Luggage lockers 55 cm Price, iI 5, tickets can be bought from the bus or the shipapos. Max 9 persons booking, large luggage locker, the nearest metro station is approximately 500 meters from the terminal. I 1, due to the reconstruction and extension of the Port of Tallinn Terminal D building. Large luggage locker 24 hours cost 90 SEK Large luggage locker 4 hours cost 80 SEK Small luggage locker.


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