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Lekar för vuxna. Tallink silja pass

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booking or ticket (name, date of birth, nationality, sex and number of loyal customer) is not the changing of the booking or ticket. (5) If the booking includes

the service provided by the third person being the partner of Tallink, the partners booking and payment terms are applied. (3) The passenger is obliged to inform the data required for booking the guide dog and number of guide dogs when making the booking. (6) Check-in of tickets of the passengers without vehicle ends 30 minutes before the departure of the ship and access to the ship is closed 20 minutes before the departure of the ship. In case of day trip or cruise Tallink cancels the whole trip, if the passenger has not registered the ticket in the port of first departure. Discount rates: these vary depending on departure dates, high season or low seaon sailings and booking situations. The, hyvinkä, railway Museum: Visit this Finnish Railway Museum for free with your Interrail Finland Pass. The check-in of tickets in another medium meant for check-in of tickets starts 24 hours before the departure of the ship. Transport OF pets (1) The passenger should have the documents required for taking the pet to and from the country. (6) Tallink is not compensating the ship ticket, if the trip does not take place due to the incorrectly registered or missing documents related to the pet. Day trip the trip in case of which the return trip takes place on the same day and the tickets of both routes are registered in the port of first departure. In case of services to be provided by the third persons being the partners of Tallink the contractual penalty established by the third persons is applied. Part 4: Submission of complaints » part 1: general. (2) At the cancellation of passenger transport and onboard services the contractual penalty is required on the basis of these Terms. Länsiterminaalissa et voi tehdä lähtöselvitystä Tukholmaan lähteville laivoille). Finnlines website (online booking code pass 'rail. 50 Off Viking Line ferry crossings: With your Interrail Pass you can get a discount of up to 50 on deck prices only on the following routes: Helsinki Tallinn (Estonia turku/Helsinki Stockholm (via Aland booking information: To make a reservation please call 358(0)60041577, or online. (6) No contractual penalty is applied in changing the ticket of the route trip of TallinnHelsinki 7 or more days before departure and in changing the Business Lounge ticket of the route trip of Tallinn-Helsinki. Pankkisiirto kestä kirjautua pari päivä, joten suosittelemme luottokorttimaksua). Special offer is the set of passenger transport services to which the terms different from these Terms are applied and these will be disclosed together with Special offer. The check-in is carried out based on the ticket and travel document. Please note that this discount does not apply to cabin prices. (9) If changes are made as to the cabin services in the ticket less than 48 hours before departure the cost of cabin services will be withheld as the contractual penalty. (7) The booking and ticket cannot be changed or cancelled in the internet or mobile phone environment. The contract of package trip enters into force when the passenger has made the prepayment according to the booking and payment terms set for the package trips. Jos olet lähtöselvittänyt mobiilisovelluksella meno- sekä paluumatkan, paluumatkan laivaannousukortti tulee näkyviin vasta, kun menomatka on matkustettu. Please keep in mind that the above routes are night crossings and that you'll have to book a cabin for your journey. (4) At the existence of the financial claim the relevant expense documents or other relevant documents should be added to the complaint. Supervisor is the representative of up to 17-year old travelling child. The sample of travel authorization has been disclosed in subclause 1 of subsection 2 of this clause.

Description of the deficiency 6 If the passenger has submitted the complaint lekar in writing or in the format that can be reproduced in writing. To which the booking and payment terms different from these terms are applied and these will be disclosed together with the offer of special trip. General terms FOR booking THE ticket 1 These booking and payment terms hereinafter the Terms are valid for the bookings made in Tallink call centre. The crew member has the right to check and the passenger has the obligation to show the boarding pass when entering the ship and also during the whole trip upon demand. With your Interrail Finland Pass you can visit the below museums for free. Name and contact data of the complainant 7 In general cases the complaint is solved within 2 months from the receipt of the complaint to Tallink at the latest. Travel documents of all passengers and registration certificate of the vehicle. Through the mobile phone application and travel agency 2 The complaint can be submitted to the email address of client feedback of Tallink.

Tallink Silja har rätt att neka ombordstigning för de personer som saknar giltiga.Polisen rekommenderar samtliga resenärer att ha med sig pass eller nationellt.

In case of changing the price of passenger transport service andor onboard service the price incurring from the price difference of the initially purchased services and services changed in presentkort restaurang skåne the booking should be paid or the price and the applicable contractual penalty will be returned. Sail the seas to Sweden or Estonia 8 The passengers arriving later than the time provided in clauses 6 and 7 are nilenkryssning fritidsresor not checked 7 Application of contractual penalty as follows excl TallinnHelsinki route trip 1 If the ticket is changed 14 days. Whereby one booking could include up to 9 passengers. The persons with no travel document or the ones who refuse to submit it are not allowed onboard 2 The passenger of up to 17 years of age can participate in the trip with overnight stay only upon following conditions. Travel documents 1 The passenger should have the valid travel document and other necessary documents. Including 3 Tallink is not compensating the ticket to the passenger.

Tee lähtöselvitys terminaalissa, jos varauksessasi on: hytti hotelli muita lisäpalveluita kuin ruokailuja maksu ei ole kirjautunut varaukselle (huom.If needed, the client should inform the maximum authorized mass of the car when booking.(5) The tickets can be booked and paid in the sales representation of Tallink, check-in cash office of tickets, internet or mobile phone environment, at the travel operator or by calling to the call centre of Tallink.


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